Content Re-Marketing Concept

Once upon a time, content was just a king, today it is the unquestioned deity of successful customer conversions. A quick look at data would tell us why content has grown to become everything for marketers and why one must invest in content re-marketing:

Content Re-Marketing: Content Generation Today
Content Generation Today/ Data Courtesy: Content Remarketing



With the current marketing trend being personalization, content re-marketing could take personalization to the next level. It saves you as a brand from creating fresh content for each consumer again and again. You could tweak the already available content and make it personal. The best example of this could be seen in B2C marketing, for example, if you look for a product on Flipkart, but leave the page without buying it, you are able to see advertisements for the same product or similar product, at discounted rates or at better offers the next time you search for the product. It is truly unique to what you have searched for, another would see something else.


Shares on Social Media

Sharing of posts on social media would increase ten-folds in 2018. Social Media has become a large part of every marketer’s life. Re-marketing some of your popular content on social media is a good way to ensure brand recall as well as attract more customers through targetted outreach. For example, we at Paul Writer identified our popular content, researched on the current state of the product we wrote about, updated and reshared the article, increasing traffic to our own website successfully.

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Live Streaming and Voice Assistants

Smart Voice Assistants like Alexa and Siri are already very popular. Marketing trends predict that the use of voice assistants would increase to 50%  by 2020. Reaching out to the customers through AI or other smart devices could be an innovative way to attract their attention. Re-marketing your products through such devices and technologies is something to invest in and look out for.

Similarly, Live Streaming is a popular content trend now, however, this live streaming could also be used by you to redirect a viewer or consumer to a previous popular content or video.

Making Your Own Influencers

As a brand, your customers could be the best influencers you could ever need. Re-marketing may help in reaching out to them. Even a simple “Hey, you liked this article/video/product a year ago, here are some more articles curated especially for you that you may like” may make the customer a loyal influencer. Personalized remarketing posts to convert possible leads could also in a way lead to them becoming your influencers.

Here is a small infographic on how much brands benefit from content marketing:

89% businesses use content marketing of these

Content Re-marketing: Benefits to Businesses through Content Marketing
Benefits to Businesses through Content Marketing/ Data Courtesy: Content Remarketing




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