7 evergreen advertisement stories from the nineties
7 evergreen advertisement stories from the nineties

Welcome back to the nineties nostalgia! Our weekly corner of remembering our childhoods and getting one step closer to understanding Einstein’s theory of relativity. Last week we looked at advertisements that courted controversy for their content. However, this week we focus on 7 evergreen advertisement stories from the nineties.

Hamara Bajaj (1989)

The brainchild of Alyque Padamsee, Hamara Bajaj advert reflected the aspirations of a young India. An indigenous brand, providing transportation for every rung of society. The song “Hamara Bajaj” still inspires a sense of pride in Indians.

Vicco Vajradanti (1995)

Before Patanjali or Make in India became popular, we had Vicco Vajradanti. A brand that sold indigenous ayurvedic products. The Vicco Vajradanti song was a catchy number back then, in fact even today, you may feel the urge to sing along if the song is ever played near you. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself and let us know in the comments.

Classic Toothbrush (mid 90s)

The catchy classic toothbrush song can make us all dance in our seats. Classic toothbrushes belong to the simpler times when colourful toothbrushes with good bristle quality were enough to garner much excitement.

Nirma (mid 90s)

The washing powder was found by Karsanbhai Patel in a 100 sq ft room and named after his daughter Nirupama. The entrepreneurial wizard managed to make his detergent available to the middle and lower middle class at INR 3/kg when the cheapest rate was INR 13/kg. Nirma grew as a brand and the jingle of “washing powder Nirma” has stayed true through the ages.

Action School Shoes (mid 90s)

Action School Shoes jingle “Action ka school time” stayed with Indian consumer for a long time. In less than 30 seconds, this advertisement showed everything one could expect from a school life. This advertisement did really well at the start of a new session or after the summer vacations when students returned to school.

Dhara (mid 90s)

This advertisement is probably the most heartwarming advertisement in Indian advert history. The ad shows a little boy found sitting at the station by a postmaster. The little boy had from home because he feels that nobody loves him. However, he eagerly returns home once he is informed that his mother is making jalebi at home. The advertisement shows the warmth of little Indian towns where once upon a time nearly everyone knew their neighbours and the care they provided to each other.

Amul Butter (mid 90s)

The “utterly-butterly delicious Amul” jingle has stayed with us for a long time. It is synonymous with the brand Amul. The 90s television advertisement of the Amul girl portrayed a growing India, a divided yet united India through the Amul girl’s eyes. The advertisement presented Amul as a product that blends with the food and life of the everyday Indian.


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