“It’s not everyday that you find someone who lets you pull a moustache out of their backside.” Ok here, finally, was a press release with a difference! It came from Naidu and Panjabi and it got me to see their ad for ziffi.com a site that lets you book salon appointments. The value prop they highlight is that phone ordering these things can lead you to awkward situations in public. The ad is funny and I might actually remember that there is now an app for booking salon appointments. And lest you doubt that there are many people who book these things (yes, most of us are more likely to sail in and trust in Didi/Aunty’s generosity) the ad smartly reels of its millions of downloads and users and partners.

Client: Ziffi
Creative Agency: Naidu & Panjabi
Managing Director: Somel Oser
Campaign Elements: Digital
CEO/Marketing Manager – Shantanu Jha
Creative Team: Keshav Naidu, Kahini Panjabi
Planning Team: Keshav Naidu, Kahini Panjabi
Director: Kunaal Roy Kapur
Producer: Kartik Sherlekar, Abir Panchanan, Dhananjay Kapoor, Satish Fenn
Production House: Earth and Air films


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