Essentials for a business meeting.

I plan for a business meeting in three phases. The pre-meeting phase is to harness maximum information on key topics of discussion, then work out a status update and later prepare for my views and suggestions. My essentials for a business meeting would be a silent cell phone, a note book for taking notes and yes, a red and a black pen. Red to indicate the top priority task, followed by black indicating other tasks. I believe in dressing smart and arriving slightly ahead of time, and being ready with the laptop and necessary files. Post meeting, issuing a Thank You text followed by a Thank You email and the action points that were discussed.

Your everyday guide to stay fit & healthy.

Taking a 30 minute walk and green tea on a daily basis. Going on a full day juice diet once a week for detoxification. Plus having a positive attitude and being passionate about tasks at hand. Most importantly, smiling as much as possible.

What is your power dressing mantra?

My idea of power dressing is to wear what you can carry well and what best reflects your personality. My Three C’s for power dressing are Comfort, Confidence and Competence. I believe I’m at my best when dressed in attire which is comfortable. Then I’m able to perform better at work, say in a meeting, or a panel discussion, or even when addressing a team.

Your life motto or a phrase you live by.

Be happy … And Robert Frost’s famous line “Miles and miles to go before I sleep.”

If someone were to write your autobiography, what would the title be?

Wacky Talkie – Pheno’menon’

What is the last book you read?

Leading Digital by George Westerman.

Profile: Rekha Menon. Every week Rekha talks to a famous personality. The anchor Rekha is a class act and has the ability to bring the best out of the person she is interviewing. The interviews are set in a casual background and the questions are very informal. Here is a collection of interviews Rekha has done with film stars from Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Global Marketing & Communications professional with 20+ years of experience in IT Services and Entertainment sectors. Core expertise in strategising, developing and delivering high impact internal & external / marketing communication initiatives across globe Events Specialist having independently ideated, developed, coordinated and executed national and international marketing events. Speaker at many Indian and international summits and forums.

Also lead a Creative Life as a Television Anchor /Research, Travel Writer, Script writer & Columnist in South Indian media for last 15 years. Included in India Today magazine’s list of the top 25 women achievers in the state of Kerala. Visiting Scholar in University of British Columbia, Vancouver in Media Studies;

In a corporate and media career spanning 20 years, she has worked in the fields of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Media Management for corporates, Management firms, Television programming, Production, International Events, and Channel Management. Started her career in the television industry as the communication and PR professional, later worked with Oscar winning animators in US based, Toonz Animation India Pvt Limited as the Chief of Special Projects and Media Relations. After a ten year stint at entertainment sector, she ventured to IT industry for a full- fledged Corporate Communication career in leadership roles, serving multiple geographies especially US, UK and South East Asia. Currently she is the VP – Marketing & Communications for a US based Product Engineering firm, based out of Bangalore. Recently she received “ Most talented Marketing Professional Award by World Marketing Congress, in November 2014 at Mumbai for the achievements in the corporate life.

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