What are the essentials for a business meeting?

Conquering the clock – Turn up on time, to the point discussion and the rest will surely fall into place.

Your everyday guide to stay fit & healthy.

Live life like there is no tomorrow!
Maintain a Healthy diet, an organized work schedule and get a good sleep.

What is your power dressing mantra?

Elegance – you can wear anything if you know how to carry it well with

Your life motto or a phrase you live by.

Prioritization and Persistence – as nothing good comes easily

If someone were to write your autobiography, what would the title be?

Hard work is the stepping stone to success!

What is the last book you read?

Big bets big rewards written by Mr.Mantri

Profile: She is a dynamic leader. She is a pioneer of innovations. She is a visionary. To possess traits of that order, you must be Mrs. Snehal Mantri, Director-Marketing, Mantri Developers, one of the fastest growing property development institutions in India.

With a keen sense of what the customers would love and what would appeal the stakeholders, Mrs. Mantri has mastered the art of striking a fine balance in a competitive world like real estate. Since 1999, when Mantri Developers began its fascinating journey, Mrs. Mantri has been at the helm of affairs overseeing the initiation of new projects and nurturing long-lasting relationships with customers and investors alike. Her expertise in marketing has helped define and execute numerous growth-driven strategies that were instrumental in elevating the brand to a position of industry leader. She has also played an integral role in developing the corporate branding of Mantri Developers and the rebranding exercise of the firm.

Throughout the journey, Mrs. Snehal Mantri has led Mantri Developers from the front, innovating and setting industry benchmarks along the way. Her unparalleled insight and perceptive understanding of customers’ needs accelerated the firm’s growth tremendously. And by pioneering innovations such as Telemedicine and Concierge Services, and creating novel concepts like Home Care, Home Décor, Spacethetics – an interior decorating solution and Mantri Insignia, a customer loyalty program, she has not only taken real estate to another level but has ensured that our customers got the best of everything. As a woman, understanding what would go through the mind of a housewife, she’s implemented plans tailor-made to suit their needs. And by introducing the Smart Lady Training Program, she has given the housewives a platform to bring out their entrepreneurship skills.

At Mantri, Mrs. Snehal Mantri’s valuable presence can be felt right from the conceptualizing, planning and development stage, through the marketing and sales phase, leading up to the post-sales process. It is this sheer determination of hers to oversee each and every stage of a new project that has been motivational in transforming the institution into a world-class one.

Her unshakable business acumen coupled with her empathic personality has won her industry respect and recognition, including the prestigious Jaycees Honors’ “The Achiever – Outstanding Businesswoman of India” by the Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs.

By qualification, Mrs. Mantri was a home science student and right after her marriage she joined her father-in-law in Stock Exchange business in Pune and was as good as a qualified broker. Later, as they relocated to Bangalore in 1999, she was curious to pursue something different and therefore she joined her husband in real estate business.


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