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Hard head and a thick skin!

Your everyday guide to stay fit & healthy.

Yoga and happiness…I don’t seem to get enough. Since I am on the go most of the day it’s the best workout.

What is your power dressing mantra?

Black wins all the time.

Your life motto or a phrase you live by.

Stay true to who you are.

If someone were to write your autobiography, what would the title be?

The Story of My Life!

What is the last book you read?

Purple Cow by Seth Godin. To be the purple cow amongst a field of monochrome Holsteins!

Profile: Oversee the sales and marketing function for Taj Group of hotels globally encompassing the worldwide sales force, distribution, central reservations, brand marketing, public relations, social media, marketing communications and advertising. Taj Group consists of 125 hotels around the globe and across four brands; Taj, Vivanta by Taj, Gateway and Ginger.

Has over 28 years experience with Taj Group and was Vice President Marketing prior to taking on this role. Only specialist to have served separately as Vice President Sales and Vice President Marketing before taking the lead job to oversee both functions. Worked across most markets , functions and segments in India and abroad and has played an integral role in the growth of Taj, including the recent Brand Architecture exercise and the roll-out of the new Vivanta by Taj and Gateway brands. Serves on several boards and part of CMO council and member of LHW marketing advisory board.

Holds a graduation degree in English from Delhi University’s Lady Sriram college, one of India’s top colleges along with a masters degree in English as also Mass Communications.

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