The day started with a bang when I spotted a photo of the Paul Writer team in the Economic Times. It continued on a high energy note with the Women Founder’s Breakfast co-hosted with Dell. What made this Founder’s Breakfast such fun was that we had such a diverse audience – chocolatier (who brought a bag of goodies), financier, FBI-trained negotiation expert, psychologist, beautician – but with entrepreneurship as a common interest. The positive energy that is generated when like-minded people get together for a conference is unmatched, and I’ve yet to get a similar high from any online meeting. I’d recommend that everyone attends at least two really good conferences in a year – it gets you to meet new people and learn new things, and perhaps make new friends.  Even as the world gets more connected, business is really done only among friends, past of future.

There was a session on “Getting your brand fit” that I co-hosted with Ritu Gupta of Dell. We did a little exercise that I thought I’d share with you – if you can have any headline (max of 10 words) in a business publication of your choice, what would it be? Scribble it down and see if you would read a story on that topic if you saw it in your paper. And more importantly, would you believe it? It’s a simple way to figure out what you stand for in a nutshell.

Our magazine is out and it is awesome, if I do say so myself 🙂 Really. The second monthly issue has a theme of luxury – “The Midas Touch”, and it’s the kind of magazine that I would like to read. And based on feedback from our readers, it has much more content than our last issue, weighing in at 62 pages. Thanks again to our advertisers for their support – DLF, Total Environment, Sobha, and CMO Axis – y’all rock. And if you’re contacting them – please do let them (and us) know that you saw their ad in our magazine 🙂 You can get the issue on your phone/tablet/laptop through Magzter or buy a print copy at  

Our next conference, on June 21, is on marketing real estate and the speaker lineup is looking great. We’ve started receiving nominations for the awards program too. More info at

Next week this time I’ll be packing my bags to go to Hong Kong. Tips on places to eat (yes, I have very skewed priorities), are most welcome!


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