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Spinkx Content Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress

Product description:

Spinkx is an open source freestyle traffic building & monetization platform for the bloggers, influencers, marketers & brands, built on many years of study, research and experience of the web-technologies, online space, advertising and public relations.

A peek from the current into the future of online space, the system is engineered in such a way that it is constantly learning from the human behavior, redefining how people interact with the intelligence of content in the online space.

Spinkx combines the current trends of the market, the existing online trends of SEO, Social media and the importance of content seeding and distribution, to provide brands with a platform built for the idealistic future of online space and industry.


  • Traffic exchange/ad exchange, to grow your audience in real time without spending money on ads
  1. Use ‘free boost post’ feature, to get high-quality traffic to your website from around the globe.
  2. Automate SEO backlink building – internal & external backlinks.
  3. Earn free boost credit points (just like a game!) when you allow display of other site stories on your sidebar widget.
  4. Reduce bounce rate by up to 60% & increase user engagement by up to 30%
  5. Social media sharing of multiple links, of the same post (with different image and headlines but same landing page).
  6. Automation – ‘auto boost’ starts distributing your blog stories across the network as soon as you hit the publish button. Faster than SEO can kick in and start growing your traffic.
  •  Ad revenue & monetization. Native ads. Affiliate ads
  1. Earn the highest CPM in the industry, Real time, for bloggers & publishers.
  2. Ad agencies make more money. Run campaigns globally for all your clients.
  3. Business’ have complete control of buying inventory directly from their sites backend dashboard.
  • Content marketing features
  1. Ab testing of your content headlines & featured images.
  2. Content analytics, for every single post you publish.
  3. Run video & gifs on your sidebar or footer widget.
  4. YouTube video marketing and promotion on your site side bar or footer.
  5. Mobile widget, non-intrusive and fluid auto adjusting layouts.

Design & UI features – Fluid Pinterest style, masonry layout on your sidebar or footer.

Make your site look good, with appealing content, displayed attractively. Its fluid HTML5 layout works on mobile too. The images are automatically resized and the CSS of your theme remains the same. However, we have included a full design tool box for you to design your widget the way you want.

How will this work for business?

Most business these days want to build traction in the online space using various channels like SEO, Social Media & Digital Ads. Top-of-the-line companies understand the need of content marketing and are creating blogs & content to build engagement with their users in the online space. However, the journey has not been easy with social medias changing their strategies every now and then to make more money and as a result duping their paying customers. While more and more new websites go online every month, the demand for being on SEO page 1 has become more and more difficult.

Spinkx addresses these problem by creating a 3rd leg of new media, building itself over millions of websites which produce content for marketing and traffic building. Since social media is not organic anymore and SEO is difficult and takes time, we decided to create a method away from all this by building a separate network and source for quality traffic.

  • Business can now look at a new option for building traffic in Realtime from the SPINKX network, and also enhance the existing methods of SEO & backlink building – for free.
  • They can buy authentic traffic, which is BOT free and Fake Click free from Spinkx Network spanning over thousands of websites.
  • Business with multiple website (e.g. large Hotel brands, Finical companies, Banks, Travel Business and many more) can cumulate all their group websites and use it as a single pool of traffic to fulfill the needs of directing traffic to the vertical of brand which needs it, without spending money, time and effort on external sources.

The cool quotient

  • Almost all our clients after using Spinkx Content Marketing and our custom cloud hosting technologies have started ranking on number one on google search engines. Our clients have seen over 400% increase in Organic SEO, comparable to Organic quality traffic within days. All these can be measured and seen on Google Analytics.
  • Our own plugin is being marketed for free because of our strong SEO.
  • Spinkx combines the current trends of the Market, the existing online trends of SEO, Social media and the importance of content seeding and distribution, to provide brands with a platform built for the idealistic future of online space and industry.
  • Automation is our coolest feature – the moment you hot the publish button on your blog, you post teaser has already started being visible on thousands of pages across the web – it’s that fast.

Who should use this? 

  • Websites which use Content for Marketing & Branding purposes should use this product.
  • Since WordPress is the most popular CMS covering 29% of the internet websites, we have built it natively for WordPress. However, support for other CMS is also available.
  • Because of the standard usage of Hooks & Function names used by WordPress, we have been able to Automate a lot of work flow. Making it easier and effortless for the user.

How long does it take to implement?

Simple download & install directly to your WordPress site from: //

Register and start using in about 3 minutes.

How long does it take to show results?

Traffic building and link building happens instantly and the same can be seen an measured with inbuilt analytics or Google analytics.

Contact details:

Spinkx Marketing Tech Pvt Limited


[email protected]


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