Is Your Brand Ready for Vocal for Local in India?

Do customers view you as a local brand? Can you ride the Vocal for Local Wave? And will it uniformly give you an upside?

How Desi Is Your Brand?

Vocal for Local is trending in India post COVID lockdown. But country branding is a master brand for your products. Different countries have different perceptions amongst customers – positive or negative. Think of phrases like German Engineering, Indian IT, French Style.

Customers can also see through superficial associations – I cite some examples in this article on “What Country is Your Brand”.

Before you latch on to a particular country as your own please consider the following:

  1. How deep is your relationship with your chosen country? For example, VU TV now says anti-China sentiment is lifting sales but it is a company founded in US and at least till recently was manufacturing in China
  2. What is the brand association between your product and your nation brand? Perceptions matter – a French perfume connotes something different from an Indian one.  Same with a Polish car vs an Indian one.
  3. Which aspect of your supply chain is Indian? Finance, supply, manufacturing, distribution, support, employees?
  4. If you operate globally, how will wearing your flag on your sleeve impact your global customers?

A country brand can be a huge asset.  But always remember that it is a master brand that you cannot control or even influence.

India has a twisty history with brand patriotism.  Take this quiz to journey through our interesting past.


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