Paul Writer and Manipal ProLearn Launches Winners Circle

Paul Writer recently co-hosted ‘For the Win’ with Manipal ProLearn, and unveiled Winners Circle- featuring the top HR leaders of Bengaluru for the campaign Talent Chronicles. Talent Chronicles is a platform jointly run by Paul Writer and Manipal ProLearn that aims at starting the conversation on the importance of upskilling to be equipped for the technology-driven era, provide insights on domain expertise, and bring together HR professionals to share their insights on how to embrace disruption for success.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the theme of the evening: upskilling for success in the digital age. In his book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences” Howard Gardner proposed that human potential could be linked to one’s preferences to learning. Interactive sessions were held to further understand the concept of multiple intelligences. The sessions were designed on the intelligences‒ visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, and interpersonal and encouraged the HR leaders attending to engage with their peers while also explore their multiple intelligences.

Gopal Devanahalli, CEO, Manipal ProLearn and MeritTrac Services

Gopal Devanahalli, CEO, Manipal ProLearn and MeritTrac Services delivered the keynote speech on the importance of embracing disruptions for success. With the digital age steadily spreading and causing revolutionary technology to change the way we work, harnessing the power of this technology is clearly becoming the way forward. However, to adapt speedily to the continuously evolving technology, it becomes necessary to reskill and upskill your employees and yourself.

Following the keynote, Winners Circle was unveiled by Gopal and Jessie. The magazine featuring the top HR leaders of Bengaluru offered the leaders’ insights on innovative disruptions, and what steps C-suite executives and organizations could take ‘for the win’.

You can view the digital version of the magazine here.

Mind reader Nakul Shenoy interacted with the audience, and talked about the power of persuasion.


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