This report gives an insight into the popular agencies in India, the tools that are gaining traction with marketers and how marketers go about the selection process.


The report is based on an online survey completed by 129 respondents across 90 organizations. The survey was conducted in 2015.

Indian marketing is going through a period of accelerated transformation. Marketers are dealing with the rise of ecommerce, digitization, mobility, and the home delivery economy, even as giants like Unilever continue to derive 35% of their revenue from rural and small towns where bullock carts are still used for the last mile. It requires marketers to balance the desire for new with the need to retain existing business.

What’s surprising – and heartening – is that in a country where customers have traditionally not had a voice, 42% of top marketers say that the next big frontier for marketers is the Customer Centric Experience. This would indicate a realization that social media aggregation gives customers the power to penalize bad brand behaviour. Information is now widely available and loyalty is as good as your last interaction. VC-fuelled ecommerce models with their huge emphasis on guaranteed satisfaction and no-hassle returns are no doubt contributing to this trend.

30% of marketers considered the Internet of Things to be the next big frontier. This is significant as it shows that marketers are thinking outside the realm of communication and positioning and ready to embrace technology as an integral part of the marketing portfolio.

Mobile Marketing was selected only by 17%, indicating perhaps that most have already incorporated this into their planning.

Download the report here.


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