Nidhi Saxena

Quick chat with Nidhi Saxena, Member of DWENIndia

A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Founder of Biocon for her vision, energy and sheer intelligence in starting a business which she had no background in and making it India’s most recognized biopharmaceutical company. Further respect her tremendously for being a responsible corporate citizen and driving high impact social and philanthropic initiatives.

Mantra for success is?

Intense passion, crazy, out-of-the-box Imagination and persistent hard work.

Being your own boss is to you?

Freedom to be creative, innovative and push the boundaries while making a tangible impact on many lives.

Profile: Seasoned Healthcare Entrepreneur, 16 years of Healthcare, Lifesciences & Technology expertise. Currently driving, India’s first Healthcare Aggregator Patient Engagement Platform and Mobile Application that leverages a unique, disruptive and fully integrated business model to offer Home, Telehealth & Remote Monitoring services to patients on a Pan-India basis thereby improving overall quality and accessibility of care, improved patient compliance and medical outcomes and dramatically reduced healthcare costs.


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