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Future of consumer digital discussion

Super apps are rising in popularity.  What are super apps? Simply put, super apps are multi-functional platforms that provide a wide range of services within a single app. This can include anything from messaging and payments to hailing a ride or ordering food.

Will India embrace super apps?

Super apps are incredibly popular in Asia, with WeChat and Grab being two of the most well-known examples. In China, super apps have completely changed the way consumers interact with businesses and each other. WeChat, for instance, has over 1 billion monthly active users and provides its users with a one-stop-shop for all their needs, from messaging and payments to booking appointments and hailing taxis.

Digital is changing customer expectations

There is no doubt that digital is changing the landscape of consumer connect. What will be the future of consumer digital in India? In this episode we tap into Nitin Sethi‘s deep experience in consumer digital spanning Indigo, Quikr, Naukri, BabyOye and more to understand what are the pain points that super apps solve for consumers that make them very appealing.

Digital consumer care is being welcomed as an inclusive way to manage customer needs. This was accelerated during the pandemic, when businesses have had to find new ways to meet customer needs remotely. Digital provides a convenient way for consumers to get the services they need.
Furthermore, digital offers a more personalized experience for users. This level of personalization and customization is something that traditional businesses are struggling to provide, but consumers are increasingly expecting.

More importantly, in the larger scheme of things what is the future of consumer digital? What do consumers really want? What should marketers launching their careers think about? Nitin Sethi, one of India’s top digital leaders answers this and more in this podcast episode with Jessie and Vaishnavi.

The Business by Design podcast focuses on how organizations can create a better experience for customers with a greater intent on crafting solutions to their specific needs.


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