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The landscape in 2025 may be vastly different with climate change, resource depletion and agri -erosion that may necessitate a very different lifestyle. Traditional businesses may die out and new ones may sprout. Here is a fun look at what it may take to survive 2030:-). Please feel free to add to this zany listing too!

Painless Laser aided Beauty Industry

Basically permanent hair removal. But why? Climate change will cause temperatures to sore to incredible levels. So while the whole loin cloth and speedo businesses will be brisk, the intense heat waves will cause  all of us will have to shed any iota of hirsuteness. With a barren landscape (err…hairless body), maybe we can manage the heat better. Corporate inductions will include mandatory laser hair removal of new hires as part of their CSR and sustainable efforts !  New born babies will be shaved first before they are handed  over to their mothers. One may argue that will mean every one will look the same. So how will we differentiate?

This phenomenon will spawn new allied industries- Body piercings, Tattoo shops and other forms of body adornments like IOT wearables ( IOT enabled glasses that can store all your business contact data,, Earrings that can have your music list embedded, watches that can serve as your doctor on the go displaying heart rate, cholesterol levels..whatever) .The world is getting crazier out there….Another crazy gizmo you can add to show off to your contacts at work will always be welcome!

Inter- stellar travel & freight Industry

With organically grown food practically non existent( growing potatoes in Mars may just be the new reality !!) . I think we will learn to survive minus the mandatory 1200 calories and maybe learn to survive with 100 calories or less! Vitamin pills, hunger suppressants and surviving in less than 100gms of water will be the new reality! But the industry that will rule is the inter galactic transportation and freight industry that will now be used to transport food material to parts of earth where plants will cease to exist. So DHLs, UPS of the world will now have to invest in space travel . Space- no longer the final frontier, will now be the latest billboard for all the coolest ads..So look up at the night sky and you will be sold the “Best beer brewed on Pluto”, to delicious spuds and tubers from Mars and salad greens from Kepler 186f!

Emoticons and the Apps Industry!

When James Cameron invented Navi for Avatar, little did we realize how all of us will soon mutate to communicating in new languages or shall we say communicating without a language. With technology eliminating the need to communicate traditionally i.e. talking, chatting, gossiping in person, we will be doing all of this through technology. Soon unused words will be continuously eliminated, Emojis will become a universal language and Wren & Martin will be showcased at the Museum of Natural History by 2025! I believe that human beings will soon forget the art of talking. We will all carry little beepers on our forehead that display whether we are “available” for a mind to mind chat with another human. If we are available, thoughts from sender can be downloaded by the receiver and vice versa!

The Doll House Industry

Because we will be overpopulating our beloved earth, and space will be at a whopping premium, houses will be minimalistic and mobile. That way we can park our houses wherever we get spaces. We will adapt to sleeping while standing up in case we dont get house parking some particular day. Pretty much like how you might feel in a doll house! Also since we won’t be talking much anyways with each other, every one in the family can afford these miniature houses. I believe the future of housing will all be about mobility i.e. how soon you can transport your home or whatever you may call it to a more habitable place that you can find for that time. Because I am sure by 2030, the city where I stay i.e. Bangalore will cease to exist because it would be impossible to stay here anyways! Insurance coverages will be less about fires or thefts but more about protection from meteor showers or an unplanned for emergency landing from Mars by UPS!

Its amazing how the human body and mind can adapt. Yet we are absolutely ok to let it continue adapting some more…! And that is the precious future we leave behind for our children to adapt to survive in, not to live….

There are many more quirky situations for us to think about and laugh… But by when do you think this will cease to be a laughing matter?

PS: Am not under any influence of substance abuse! Au contraire I am just  a confused earthling waiting for the next Mars colonization request to be opened. So I can put in my request to relocate…..To a better world…I mean that is the ultimate hope isn’t it?

Published with permission from Author.
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