Customer Insights puts the power of data in your hands, allowing you to orchestrate unified campaigns, online and offline, and deliver on your brand promise at every touchpoint. Personalization at scale is the goal of every business today, and it is the difference between profit and loss for high-volume transaction websites. Even as your traffic rockets into the crores, you need to make every visitor feel that he is one in a million.

In this webinar you will learn:

• How with customer insights, marketers can harness data across the entire customer journey, forming a complete view of customers

• How you can uncover relevant insights and recommendations that get smarter with each interaction so you can drive the results you want

• How personal insights empower brand owners to deliver engaging experiences on high-traffic websites

Click below to see the speaker deck on “Personalization Journey at Croma” by Maneesh Mittal, Head-eCommerce & Big Data, Croma

Personalization Journey at Croma by Maneesh Mittal, Head-eCommerce & Big Data, Croma


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