The Key to Effective CX: Marketing Automation Done Right

Behind every successful company are their loyal customers. The better the customer experience, the bigger the achievement. What though is the secret to effective CX in these fast-paced digital times? Marketing automation allows repetitive tasks like emails, social media, and other website actions to be automated by software designed to make marketing easier. Marketing automation lets you leverage data to create a better customer experience.

Paul Writer in association with Oracle hosted a webinar as part of the third season of “Let’s talk CX” an Oracle and Paul Writer partnership program.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the topic and speakers, bringing up how automation was essential to effective CX considering the need to be repetitive, process-driven and consistent. When you include the room for human error, automation of marketing is definitely the better option. The introduction was followed by a presentation from Madhukar Uniyal, Master Principal Consultant, Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Madhukar elaborated on Oracle’s vision regarding marketing automation, what Oracle is doing in this space and Oracle’s understanding as consultants who talk to marketers every day. His explanation of the marketer’s universe included three prime elements:

  1. The Unknown: Suspects (unaware of Oracle)
  2. The Little Known: Prospects (aware/old customer with less engagement)
  3. The Well Known: Customers

“As a marketer, we endure a constant journey to turn a suspect into a prospect and finally to a customer. It’s only the right experience that can turn them into customers.” The vast channels employed for marketing that yield large amounts of data that is scattered all over the place calls for the need of marketing automation. “The Key to effective CX is Connected Data, Connected Intelligence, Connected Experience.”

When asked about the importance of AI in automation in CX, Madhukar responded that AI is central to it. It’s not possible for just humans to predict what customers need. Data and AI are integral to the process. While automation makes marketing easier, it can also cause customer fatigue due to the repetitive advertising. However, there are ways to avoid that by carefully creating a customer journey based on their responses. Orchestration of this journey is essential to avoid customer fatigue.

To View Madhukar’s Deck click here

Amardeep Bajpai, CMO of Rentomojo, talked about the need for setting communication limits on constant customer engagement. By prioritizing what to send and when to send it, you could achieve a balance.

Rentomojo divides their automation into two: User-oriented automation and Campaign oriented automation. User level automation includes chatbots, product suggestion, and automated testimonial options. Campaign level automation on the other hands focuses on transaction drip, lead management, and automated reviews. “Marketing Automation for Rentomojo is not an add-on but rather a core service. As for customer fatigue, one of our techniques for our user level campaigns is to set a number of communications that you send to one particular user.”

To View Amardeep’s Deck click here

To view the recording of the webinar click here.


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