How to use Chat GPT and monetise your website

How to use Chat GPT probably hasn’t troubled celebrity Selena Gomez much. She has a successful cooking show on HBO which the teenyboppers like. Her ex, Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Bieber, has one too, on her own YouTube channel. Both are sponsored money making machines despite the fact that episodes are just two stars riffing it in a fancy bathroom making a sandwich. Point is, just putting together bread, cheese and mayo makes them money.

The beauty of it is that there is no trade secret to steal! You could crawl the content and not come up with anything useful – the content is viable ONLY because of the creator.  In other words they are Chat GPT proof and can monetise their merry way.

ChatGPT inhales your content and spits it out

300 billion words were used to train ChatGPT. These were taken from books, websites, maybe your transcripts. Without consent. When the content is available within a conversational tool that integrates it with a bunch of other sources, why should anyone visit your website?

News websites and big publishers have long complained that Google consumes their content for free, but Google at least cites its source.

With ChatGPT your IP is an untraceable ingredient of a high end soup. You can stop ChatGPT and its like from crawling your website. But if the eyeballs are all at the AI tool, then who will visit your website?

How to use ChatGPT and be a trusted source of truth

ChatGPT has digested a bunch of content. Some of that could be fake. And hence also some of the advice it gives based on that content, ain’t so good. If a decision is important, you’d want to cross-check that advice before actioning it. To mitigate the risk of misinformation, it is recommended to use an AI Detector Pro to cross-check the advice provided by ChatGPT with up-to-date and reliable sources.

And that’s the only reason to visit a website, read a book or watch an influencer video – to get credible information.

If ChatGPT tells you to put mayo on the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich you’d be rightly sceptical. But when Hailey Bieber and Lily Singh do it in on camera, you’d be more likely to try it.

Marketing Takeaway: How to use Chat GPT to enhance your website

Invest in being the trusted voice in your space. Be the brand that people come to for verifying AI’s recommendations or advice.

Moderately trustworthy content and advice at scale

There was a time when I used to engage in email battles. At that time the big learning was “never write anything you wouldn’t want your mother to read”. Hard when you’re seething. Recently I needed to write a couple of emails where I needed help with sugar coating and burying my personal hatchet. ChatGPT produced amazing mails! They said what I wanted it to but so nicely! Such an asset for creating soothing communication at scale.

I used Synthesio to create a video version of my newsletter. Ain’t going to win an Oscar but it certainly is functional and creditable for a first time AI video maker like me. AI democratizes moderately high quality communication. This means that the mid level creators are going to be soon out of a job. The top end will thrive doing things AI can’t do. The lower end will service those who can’t or won’t use AI.

Marketing Takeaway

Use Chat GPT to transform your communications at scale.

Accessible advice

My therapist and I checked out the quality of advice provided by ChatGPT on some topics – for example the principles of non violent communication and how you would apply that to specific situations. The key to getting that advice though is knowing the right question to ask eg “non violent communication” – and that’s the role that trained professionals can play.

He agreed that the advice was either beneficial or at least harmless. Given that it is so hard to find a good professional – and expensive – it would be better to have access to this advice than none.

Marketing Takeaway

Whether it is marketing or therapy, there is space for the best in the industry to (a) tell you the problem you need to address and (b) verify that the advice you receive is not false. We need to accept the reality of ChatGPT and pivot our business communication around this.

Cutting through the blah

ChatGPT tends to be verbose. Being precise and concise comes from expertise and practice. That’s one way to tell automated content vs that from a real expert. (And also to differentiate between human amateurs and experts.)

Marketing Takeaway

Go minimalist in your communication. That’s anyway the current trend in packaging – almost all high end brands have very clean labels. Aesop – just snapped up by L’Oreal has plain text labelling on clear bottles, for example.


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