We had an interesting chat with Praveen Rao of censhare, who will be a speaker at our event hosted in association with censhare next week! Read the interview to find out what’s trending in marketing automation and more!

1. What according to you is pivotal to creating a successful omnichannel content strategy?

I think, it is about real-time, Multilanguage, omnichannel, contextually right content strategy than just about omnichannel content strategy, which the brands have to think about. Most of the brands are well resourced to device a well thought out omnichannel content strategy. The issue is with the deployment of the strategy into execution. The key to success is about how well-equipped (or automated) the whole brand, agency, marketing, and communication ecosystem is. Time to go-to-market across all the channels simultaneously is easier said than done if the brands will continue to operate in a non-automated environment. The pivot to successfully deploying Omnichannel content strategy lies in using a platform which is simple to use by all the stakeholders in the ecosystem.

2. What are the trends in marketing automation?
  • Managing the core, which is digital asset management is key to successful, responsive and adaptive campaign front ends.
  • The shift from customer journeys to contextual content delivery.
  • How best do we automate content, when the first interface with a customer is her AI platform, and not the customer herself.
3. How does censhare integrate technology with CX?

We are an open platform, with wide array of APIs and XSLT based connectors available with some of the most commonly used UX and CX platforms.

4. As a marketer, what are you looking forward to this year?

  • Increasing relevance of privacy norms (read: GDPR) will make brands rethink their data ecosystem first than just gathering customer footprints.
  • Today, there are 200 million + non-English speaking digital natives in India, which is likely to quadruple in next 3 years. Brands will have to rethink their content strategy to make a significant mark with the consumers.
  • With 25 million + Alexa devices and similar or number of google home based devices already at play, brands will have to start rethinking, how best to get into machine recommended consideration set.

5. What advice would you give to young people just starting out their careers in your field?

  • Not knowing digital marketing is no more an option. Just getting certified will also not help, unless one brings ones knowledge to use. At the same time, avenues of learning are far more simply and easily available today than ever.
  • Experiment – Start something new, test out your ideas. It doesn’t really cost you much. You never know, you could be having the idea of creating the next billion $ Indian unicorn.

Praveen is GM & SVP at censhare India. With more than 19 years of experience at organizations like Arvato, Microsoft and D&B in sales and marketing, he leads the India market development and operations for censhare.


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