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Simeran Bhasin
Chief Marketing Officer
Wildcraft India Pvt. Ltd.

On tracking customer sentiments..

We have a chatter management team in-house and we also have a dedicated person from our digital agency. So sentiment is tracked at two levels; one is quantitative to understand what are people responding to and what they are not responding to which gives us an indication of trends and second thing is qualitative, the brand like Wildcraft has relatively higher level of engagement on posts compared to the average other brand that puts up post or communication on social media pages. That is our chatter management team & in-house digital teams goes through and track on daily basis. There are few key people from within the organization that are on it and are checking it on daily basis. So atleast about 5-10 minutes are spent online by senior people like me, the directors Gaurav & Siddharth or Head of Communications to make sure that we are getting a sense of what’s happening there qualitatively because positive also has degrees of positive in it. So whether it’s a consumer that gives us a thumps up after having had a very bad retail experience & having being delighted the way it was handled or whether it’s about a product quality issue that has gone wrong or whether it’s about a campaign & how it has resonated with consumers, tracking sentiment is key for us. What we are working on however is as the data levels expand rapidly, what kind of data analytics can we put in, that will give us both qualitative and quantitative that goes beyond just the flow of spending time on it on daily basis.

“Our chatter management team & in-house digital teams goes through and track on daily basis. ”


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