In your own words, how do you describe a `hot’ brand?

One whose behavior is the same as what it communicates, consistently and is platform, audience agnostic.

What can be few steps taken by brand owners to keep their brand stay-top-of-mind?

Communicate and behave in tandem every time. Listen, Interact, Involve its prospects and customers – pre, during and post consistently.

Is rural only a state of mind? What can marketers do to benefit from the new, inclusive India?

To some yes. However most marketers have accepted the Tier 2,3,4 and started addressing their needs. This has also been possible due to the rise in Ecommerce, telephony. Marketers need to accept that there is substantial latent buying power that needs to be unlocked, they need to increase consumption. The younger generation does not have that guilt of consumption, there is aspiration, people want to & do consumer more than what they have. Economic cycles will come and go but a base consumption has been set and marketers need to exploit that.

New Rules of Engagement: Changing Expectations of Brand+Customer Interactions, your view?

Brands need to accept the fact that the consumer has become extremely intelligent, in fact more than the brand, given the availability of content and agility. They need to interact, learn, involve with customers much more and in real time basis. Gone are the days of follow up research and collation. It is now, today scene and the Consumer expects that. In fact the loyalty is driven by experience and benefits which are instant and constant which brands need to realize and engage accordingly. The customer journey and touch points need to be mapped more dramatically compared to the yesteryears given the age and expectation of the customer

Marketing hasn’t changed in a 100 years, but the tools have. What do marketers need to do to survive the next 10 years?

Gone are the days of Broadcast and job over. Next 10 years is too long. Focus on the next 18-36 months and understand the intent of the consumers. Learn, Interact, Share, Involve and communicate should be the mantra and this has to be platform agnostic.

Profile: Having worked across industries and geographies in his 25 + year career span, Anaggh is amongst the few veterans who have been successful in marrying the digital and offline world. Always ahead of the curve, he believes ‘experience is the key differentiator’.
He writes on Retail, Experiences, Customer Loyalty on his website besides contributing to BW Marketing white book and DNA. As an ardent Food lover, he blogs on anaggh besides contributing to Zomato. He is Co-Founder of 1+99 India’s first Customer Experience Design Consultancy, besides being on the board of advisors to startups and Social Media Week.


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