What according to you makes a brand `hot’?

When a brand reflects the aspirational values of its adopters consistently over time it gains traction in the adopters’ mindspace and becomes “hot”. Mufti has consistently adhered to its core values of 1. Value for money 2. Accessible  3. Creative Casual Fashion 4. Alternative and has developed a strong bond with its adopters.
Ways in which you connect with the new age customers?

As the target audience for Mufti is young and fashionable, the communication strategy focuses on the social media, the fashion pages of the press, and is available pan India through large format stores, inviting exclusive brand outlets and e-commerce.
Has the Indian consumer changed the way they consume?

The Indian consumer is changing from a basic functional product consumer to a fashion adopter and every brand will have to remain on its toes to retain its relevance in a changing world.
What makes Mumbai a unique brand?

There are cities in the world which have unique traits. Mumbai is one such city. The population is truly cosmopolitan with its citizens straddling professions varying from high finances to Bollywood. It is a vibrant and pulsating city with a large influx of people from all over India (and increasingly the world) and is now head and shoulders above all other cities in India in its pre-eminence. From street food to fine dining, from hawkers in fashion street to exclusive designers, from local fashion to the latest offerings of the world, from chawls to perhaps the most expensive real estate in the world, Mumbai is unique and ROCKS.

 Profile: Kamal Khushlani, Managing Director – Founder of MUFTI (Credo Brands Mktg. Pvt. Ltd.)

The team at Mufti is led by the young and dynamic Mr. Kamal Khushlani who has fashion in his genes and had the taste and eye for fashion at the young age of 24. Kamal is born on 25th of September 1966 is a graduate in Commerce. Born & brought up in Mumbai he is possibly the least-visible personality in the fashion fraternity who has influenced more new fashion than one could imagine. His knowledge about the industry and its requirements ensures that he is always the first with new fashion and trends that later get adopted by the industry, sometimes a season later, sometimes a year later. He can aptly be described as a self-taught fashion designer, brand strategist and futurologist. He is a firm believer in the wave of culture and fashion that will flow towards the West from India. His current obsession is to help that wave along and position his brand in the best possible manner to exploit it. His ambition is to make Mufti India’s first fashion world brand. It’s this vision and foresight that has always kept Mufti ahead of times and competition.


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