Microsoft Workshop: Will AI Fuel Marketing Strategies for CMOs?
Workshop: Will AI Fuel Marketing Strategies for CMOs?

AI has now become a reality with more and more brands employing various AI tools to reach out to their customers. It is to be expected too, the technology is easy to handle, less complicated with seemingly no room for error. Artificial Intelligence today can scan all your data and come up with optimal solutions for your queries in less than 3 minutes. As a customer, who wouldn’t want such efficiency from the brand they are engaging with?

But is there more to AI? Do we already know the plethora of ways in which AI can be used to acquire and generate customer loyalty? How can AI optimize businesses? Paul Writer in association with Microsoft held a workshop at its offices in Santa Cruz, Mumbai to brainstorm on the transformation that AI has the potential to bring.

Jessie Paul, Founder and CEO, Paul Writer gave the opening address, welcoming participants and speakers. Jessie then moved to set the context of the workshop and then handed over the floor to Sagar Bhanudas Joshi, Sr. Tech. Evangelist, Microsoft India to talk about the possibilities of AI and what Microsoft has to offer.

This session was followed by Rajesh Varrier, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Birla Sun Life Insurance, who talked about what success looks like, followed by a moderated discussion on where is AI most helpful.

The moderated discussion was followed by a session on Future Proofing Marketing with AI, which was addressed by Vishal Sukheja, VP-Digital Evangelist, FirstHive.

You can view his deck here: Use of AI to Future Proof Your Marketing

This session was followed by a brief session on Driving ROI, Growth and Loyalty through AI. Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder and CEO, ShepHertz was the speaker for this session.

You can view his deck here: Applied AI- Agile & Reliable Digital Transformation

After a quick coffee break, participants reconvened with a group exercise on Creating an AI Roadmap. This exercise was followed with a session by Animesh Samuel, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist, Light Information Systems (NLPBots) who talked about NLP AI in Marketing Intelligence.

You can view his deck here: I shot an elephant in Pajamas

Anil Jwalanna, Founder and CEO, Witty Parrot, followed Animesh’s session and talked about Sales and Marketing Alignment Leveraging AI.

You can view his deck here: Intelligent Micro Content Automation Platform

The last session of the day was moderated discussion on what are the correct metrics for ROI. The workshop ended with lunch.

You can view the pictures of the workshop here:

Microsoft Workshop: Vishal Sukheja, VP – Products, FirstHive
Vishal Sukheja, VP-Digital Evangelist, FirstHive
Microsoft Workshop: Anil Jwalanna, Founder &CEO, WittyParrot
Anil Jwalanna, Founder &CEO, WittyParrot
Microsoft Workshop: Animesh Samuel Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist, NLP Bots
Animesh Samuel Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist, NLP Bots
Microsoft Workshop: Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder & CEO, ShepHertz
Siddhartha Chandurkar, Founder & CEO, ShepHertz
Microsoft Workshop: Participants at the workshop, Mumbai
Participants at the workshop


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