Though Lead Generation sounds like it might be complicated, it actually couldn’t be more straightforward. Just as a telemarketer needs a list of numbers to dial in order to do his or her job, so does your business also need a list of contacts—leads—who might potentially want to do business. Lead Generation is just the act of assembling that list.

But not all Leads are created equal. Some are more likely to convert than others. Luckily, you can tell a lot about a lead simply by knowing how you got the contact information in the first place. Imagine a car salesman has two phone numbers: one that he obtained from a guest at a car show, the other that he found on a scrap of paper on the way home. Which one do you think he’s going to call first?

The best leads are the ones that gave you their contact information directly: they’ve demonstrated their interest by sending you a request for more information, and so are likely to convert. These leads are more likely to have the patience to move through the sales funnel and ultimately end in a purchase. Less valuable are the leads obtained in other ways, like by purchasing a newsletter subscription list from another company.

Social Media can be a powerful tool for generation specific, high-quality leads. Read on to see how.


Listen more than you talk

Don’t be the guy who walks into a room and changes the subject to whatever he would like to talk about. Instead, find the people already discussing your brand, and observe them. Learn from them. Incorporate the topics they are discussing into your media strategy. In this way, you’ll engage and build ties with the existent community much faster.

Pick the correct social media channel for your brand

Not all social networks are created equal. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some companies focus their efforts on Twitter, some on Facebook, some use Google+, and some others use YouTube. It’s important to focus your efforts on the channels that are already relevant to your brand. Find where your brand is being discussed, and make that channel the cornerstone of your strategy.

Finding the right channel can sometimes be hard, and sometimes be easy. GoPro is an excellent example of a company that has found their social media niche and used it to generate leads. Subscribers to their content already love watching the videos they post, so they’re much more likely than the average person to be interested in making a purchase.

Create a conversation

Never ignore a customer question about your product posted on social media. Whether the customer knows it or not, his or her request for information is a signal of intent: they have considered buying your product. Perhaps they already have. In any case, they are more engaged and interested than 99% of people. Use this to your advantage!

Lead Generation through Social Media

In the right hands, social media can be a powerful tool for lead generation. It can provide unprecedented reach and insight into fan communities, allowing marketers and salespeople alike to dive straight into the ongoing conversation. Sales is no longer a one-way relationship, and brands would be well-advised to take notice.


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