CX as a differentiator for brands – Neha Gupta, Jury, Let’s Talk CX Fast 100

Know Your Jury: Neha Gupta, Head of Marketing, Chai Point, Jury for Let’s Talk CX Fast 100

Neha Gupta is currently head of Marketing at Chai Point, building the brand for one of the fastest growing startups in retail. Before Chai Point she has led several Private label brands at Myntra and led category marketing at Whirlpool and 3M India. She is passionate about brand building and believes customer experience defines the positioning of the brand. She has completed her MBA in marketing from IMT Ghaziabad. She loves writing and has published a book on poetry called “Dusk and its women”, apart from that she loves traveling and yoga and working on her indoor vegetable garden.

In your view how can Customer Experience be a differentiator for brands?

Customer experience essentially defines the brand and its positioning. A positive customer experience is the greatest advertisement the brand can have, and a negative customer experience can ruin the hardwork that went behind making the product or service available. Brands that focus on creating an enhanced experience for all touch points stand out with high retention and repeat rate for their products and services. In the age of technology brands and CX are linked very closely together and with the high rate of customer acquisition across industries, customer experience is almost an investment that helps brand retain their loyal base and build on it. As marketers, a key aspect of brand building is ensuring CX is focused in all stages of consumer decision making to ensure consumer delight. A primary feature of brand differentiation is also handling of customer feedback both positive and negative- the first step is the response and the response time and ensuring that negative experience is not let to linger on. Brands that ensure a great customer experience are the brands that will always be on the most loved list for a consumer with repeated transactions and brand love. As per Digital trends report by Econsultancy and Adobe – 78% companies are attempting to differentiate through a superior customer experience. Hence only a laser focused approach on customer needs and expectations will result in growth.

Role of technology in creating good customer experience?

Technology has become both a tool and challenge for CX professionals. Information is now abundant and so is the customer choices, technological advancements has made it simple to gain access to the desired information that drives action. Customer listening has become a science now with social media and has helped brands more accurately and consistently listen to customer voice. Technology has also enabled a more rapid “word of mouth” that brands need to handle with care, dissatisfaction is now instant with potential to become viral and great brands are those that respond with care and with low turnaround time. With AI and chatbots, customer interaction that drive intent and behavior will be an area that will see a lot of exciting action and CX professionals will need to ensure warmth and consistency.

What makes a good customer experience professional?

A good customer experience professional is one who thinks like the toughest customer and places the customer first when designing any experience. Post design, ensuring a functioning feedback loop mechanism is also critical so that voice of customer is part of the decision making process and then ensuring a superior experience across all consumer touch points.


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