Paul Writer in association with IBM hosted a webinar on ‘Driven by Data: Rethinking Infrastructure’ to discuss the advantages of Flash Storage, and how it is engineered to meet your modern high-performance storage requirements.

Jessie Paul, CEO, Paul Writer introduced the topic and speaker Mohammed Pasha, IBM Systems Tech Sales.

Quoting The Economist, Mohammed Pasha re-stated how oil was no longer the world’s most valuable resource, but data. However, data not properly processed loses its potential to create business impact. Data insights drive strategies that act as the brand differentiator which is why it becomes imperative to be able to retrieve data in real time.

Mohammed went on to discuss how easy to use and deploy Flash Storage was, juxtaposing it to inflexible infrastructure that could stunt your digital growth. Flash Storage not only enables faster development, quicker deployment of applications, but also ensures that cloud and entire data infrastructure is available 24x7x365. Considering that better data management leads to better IT and business outcomes, and digital means data- organizations should rethink their data storage strategies.

For more information on the topic, you can view the recording of the webinar here.


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