Following their first-ever digital campaign, Swiggy launched six ads for the IPL season. Each ad features an aspect they offer, like ‘no minimum order’, ‘lightning fast delivery’, ‘variety to choose from’. What’s common in all these ads is that IPL is playing in the background, with voiceovers from the cricket commentators Harsha Bhogle as well as former cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra.

Ready or not

Ordering food while we’re in between chores, or on our way to office/home is becoming commonplace for city residents. More so for the younger working professionals, Swiggy seems to have become a safety net as humorously portrayed in this ad.

The friendly options

From Vegan-Friendly to Jain food, Swiggy offers options for everyone. Swiggy seems to be a true believer of the more the merrier.

The little things


Sharing isn’t always caring. Especially if you’ve got just enough for yourself, like the old man featured in this ad. He sneaks in a single gulab jamun between the game, without his wife noticing.

Blueberry bribes


Who can say no to cake? No matter how small a piece it is. Well played, little girl. Even the commentator knows that her brother has ‘given away his wicket really cheaply’.

Too little, too late? Not with Swiggy around


Short of food? No worries when Swiggy is around. It’s okay if you’ve not accounted for everyone, you can always order more with the miracle that’s Swiggy.

Take your pick!


Highlighting all the diverse cuisines Swiggy offers, the ad accurately portrays what it’s like when you’ve got roommates.

What a delivery!

The light humor in every ad, alongside realistic representations like the old man who’s probably not allowed to eat sweets and has to hide it from his wife, or the guy whose roommate ate his food, make it interesting. Add to it the fact that each ad is no longer than 21 seconds making it a quick watch, Swiggy seems to have hit a six.


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