The Search is over with Kaya
The Search is over with Kaya

Kaya Clinics, launched an entertaining & informative video-based digital campaign to engage with audiences regarding their hair concerns. This campaign was to promote the recently launched hair care category spanning concerns such as hair loss, hair thinning and dandruff.

The campaign insight was based on the fact that while many consumers increasingly take to the internet to try and find answers to their hair woes, they also find that most of the answers are not necessarily relevant to their hair concerns. An edutainment approach was chosen as a route to better engage with these consumers. The series feature the popular comedian Naveen Polishetty, from the AIB Clan, playing the role of the internet in these videos. Different consumers ask him questions about their hair concerns to get relevant answers.

Throughout the video-series Naveen with his great comic timing enacts the silly instances that the internet sometimes tends to do, giving irrelevant or unsuitable answers to one’s searches.

The video series was also promoted by other popular comedians through memes, gifs, posts like- Mallika Dua, Sapan Verma, Angad Singh Ranyal & Sorabh Pant on social media, to encourage viewers to share stories of the bizarre, funny, weird & irrelevant results offered by the Internet in response to their queries.

The digital campaign received high engagement rates on social media. It reached around 2 million viewers on Facebook, about 3.1 million on Youtube, around 6 million people on Twitter, and over 1 million complete views It had an engagement rate of over 30%.

Mr. Arvind RP, VP & Head Marketing – Kaya Clinics said, “Consumers increasingly use internet search to get answers to their queries and concerns. But sometimes, the search results may be generic and not be relevant to the consumers, leading to confusion. As the experts in Haircare, we wanted to go a step ahead and educate consumers on hair loss & thinning, and ensure that they get personalized solutions to their hair questions.”


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