Exide Life Insurance has launched its first advertising and marketing campaign following its recent rebranding from the erstwhile ING Vysya Life Insurance. Exide Life Insurance is a 12 year old, established and profitable life insurance company that serves over 10 lakh customers in over 200 cities across India.

The brand’s focus on the long term defines its essence i.e. “Exide Life Insurance helps customers prepare financially for a long and happy life”. The brand essence is based on the simple human truth that Indians are living longer. Advancements in the economy and health care have ensured that Indians are living longer than before and average life expectancy has gone up from 32 years to 68 years since independence.

Keeping in line with the brand essence, the campaign communicates a key message that to ensure your long journey of life is a happy one; you need someone known by your side. And Exide Life Insurance is the long standing and trusted companion who will help you make your life a happy one.

Commenting on release of the campaign, Kshitij Jain, Managing Director and CEO of Exide Life Insurance Company Limited said Exide is a very well-known name across India and has the positive brand association of trust and long lasting that are extremely relevant to the life insurance category. We are a top 5 player in our traditional home markets in the South and are confident that our new brand identity ‘Exide Life Insurance’ will help us replicate this success nationally.

Given that the foremost task is to build brand salience with greater focus on creating relevance of the brand in context of Life Insurance, a high intensity Brand Campaign has been rolled out.

Kshitij Jain added “We will be using TV, Out of Home and Digital media in our media mix with TV playing the role of the lead medium. The media mix has been arrived at by considering our existing customer base and distribution reach. Spread over 30 days, the TV campaign has been released in 6 Indian Languages whereas the OOH campaign is in 10 Indian languages across 200 locations.”


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