1. In your own words, how do you describe a `hot’ brand?

For me Brand Value is defined by how much “More” a customer is willing to pay for a Brand. So any Brand which is Top of Mind for customers in its category and demands a healthy premium amongst its competitors can be called a Hot Brand

2. What can be few steps taken by brand owners to keep their brand stay top in their customers’ mind?

Firstly, Understanding their customers and being in touch with evolving customer needs and attitudes. Secondly relevant , consistent communication in the right media.

3. How do you suggest that one can maintain a balance between planning for the future of your brand and investing for today?

Short term success is an important pillar in long term brand building and cannot be compromised. Its important that short term actions do not compromise the long term potential of the brand.

4. New Rules of Engagement: Changing Expectations of Brand+Customer Interactions, your view?

The virtual interaction of Brands with customers in the Digital world is the new reality. Ensuring the Customer has a seamless experience across digital interactions, physical interactions and actual Product / Service performance is the holy grail for Brand Success. Any Brand that does not manage to achieve a reasonable level of consistency between Digital and Physical interactions with the customer is risking its Brand Value

5. Any brand experience recently that wowed you?

AUDI is a brand that has managed to develop great synergy across customer touch points. The product, communication, dealership experience all combine together to build Brand Value.

Profile: Vivek B Srivatsa is the Head of Marketing at Renault India Pvt Ltd. Vivek has 21 years of experience in Sales and Marketing across the Consumer Electronics and Automobile industries. In the first half of his career he was across pure sales functions, including Branch Management, Distribution and Corporate sales.

Vivek has managed large scale launches of some of the biggest brands in the Auto Industry. He has also played a key role in rejuvenating the re-entry Brand Renault into India, for the last 3.5 years.

Vivek B Srivatsa is also a speaker at the Delhi Brand Summit.


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