SIGNS, SYMBOLS and MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS - A Beginner's Guide to Semiotics for Marketing

Ever wondered why some products seem to attract endless love from consumers? Or why the same stories sell time after time? How some brands crack the code while others don’t? What is the place of culture in marketing? This book shows how marketing is an activity that is suffused with the making of signs, symbols and codes. Semiotics is the discipline that studies how signs, symbols and narratives add up to create meaning. It studies the effects of context, communication and culture on interpretation and the making of meaning. It unravels the linkages between the collective imaginary, the reality of personal experience and story-telling in making sense of consumption and consumption culture. Hence, the book shows how a semiotic perspective on marketing will help marketers to make their marketing more effective.

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About the Author:
Hamsini Shivakumar is a co-founder of Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, one of India’s premier brand consulting companies as well as of Semiofest, the un-conference for applied semiotics practitioners. Prior to starting Leapfrog in 2008, she was Strategy Head at JWT Mumbai, member of the National Planning Council at JWT India and Regional Planning Director for Asia on Unilever. Her twenty-five year career spans consumer insights, brand strategy, communication planning and innovation. She has worked on a diverse range of product categories, brands, consumer groups and virtually every kind of strategic issue or challenge that brands face. She is a trained Semiotician and a prolific writer on consumer and brand issues in International and Indian publications.
Pranab Bobo Dutta began his career in national media with India Today in 1990. His journey in print media design continued for over a decade designing newspapers and magazines including The Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Qatar Tribune, Outlook, Vanitha and more recently #Swarajya. In the early 2000’s he was the Creative Lead for Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific. He founded Great Latitude in May 2005 as a hub for creative collaboration. Besides his continued involvement with media he also works on identity design and data visualization.


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