Priyank Shrivastava

Director of Marketing


What makes a good marketer?

Marketing is in the eye of a perfect digital storm. Being a marketer was never as exciting and challenging as it is now. Marketer’s job is expanding from Brand & Demand to Online sales and even Retention. While Consumers see a single brand, marketer sees multiple screens (Desktops, Mobile, TV), across Search, Social, Display & Apps and across paid, earned and owned media. While this sounds complex, the good news is that we are so much better equipped with technology today, that connecting the dots have become easier.

To me a good marketer is someone who demonstrates a good mix of art & science –  increasingly more science than art, someone who can build long term strategy yet break it into short term measurable goals, someone who understands the business value chain end-to-end, someone who can anticipate, someone who is willing to fail fast, and finally someone who is empathetic towards others.

3 things you do to prepare for a meeting?

Firstly, I need to know why this meeting was called, what is expected out of it. Then, I prepare myself with any data that might help in the discussion. Finally, I also prepare myself with the questions that need to be answered, and the answers to any anticipated questions.

3 things you look for when you hire a person?

The person should have demonstrated strong learning acumen, has the ability to think on his/her own feet, and is data driven in a balanced way.

Where do you think Marketing is headed?

Today’s self-educated and well-researched B2B buyer completes 60-70% of its purchase journey without speaking with any vendor sales rep. In B2C world that can go all the way up to 100%. Hence it is not hard to believe that marketing is playing a much bigger role in driving businesses than ever before.

Digitial is transforming the way businesses used to happen. Customer experience has become the heart & center of everything. We are heading into a world, where the P’s in the 4Ps of marketing have a different meaning. The first 3 stand for marketing that is (hyper-) Personalized, Predictive & Programmatic. There is a 4th “P”, which for me stands for “Putting it all together” which basically means having a holistic view of customers across all interactions.

We are heading into a world where Content Marketing assets will out value traditional Product Marketing assets, predictive marketing will take center stage, a world where companies are going to automate a lot of marketing & sales interactions with the customer, a world where marketing will no longer be inside-out, rather outside-in.

What would you say to someone who aspires to be in marketing?

I would say come on and jump in. It is one of the most exciting function to be a part of, a function that deals with real people and their digital-selfs. So while, you may communicate with folks anonymously, always remember they are real people with real emotions. I would also tell them to get a first-hand experience of sales as the lines between Sales & Marketing are gradually blurring.

What are a few activities you do at your leisure?

I mostly spend time with my family when I am not working. It can be helping my 8-year-old daughter, Naavya, with her school projects or playing Chess with her. Else I will be with my 2-year-old son, Abeer, teaching him some new words. I used to play Golf, but have been out of the circuit for more than 2 years now. My team has some avid golfers and I am hopeful that sooner or later I will join them at the course.

Do you love/ hate data?

If you see all my responses above, you will realize how much I like data. At the same time, I am careful not to restrict my blue-sky thinking if the data is not available. That will be disastrous.

One app that you cannot do without?

Whenever possible, I prefer to drive and Google Maps is my best buddy. From a typical GPS app, it has almost become a productivity app as it saves a lot of time for me both within and outside Bangalore.

Profile: Priyank Shrivastava is Director of Marketing at Adobe. As a marketing leader at Adobe, Priyank owns the global marketing strategy for the industry leading product brands in eLearning and Web Application domain. Previously, he worked with Subex, where as a Director of product marketing, he led multiple successful product launches. Priyank also worked at LG Electronics, where he was responsible for overseas sales & marketing for TV.


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