Video is everywhere. Offline or online, we’re often glued to screens either catching up on shows or the news, or simply scrolling through cat videos. Marketers have long since taken the opportunity to invest in the rise of video. In fact, according to a report by Hubspot titled ‘The State of Video Marketing in 2018‘ more than 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. This leads to an interesting question for marketers. If everyone is following the trend, how do you stand out? Here are five tips to successfully video market:

1. Envision 

Identify your vision and target audience. It’s easier to strategize when you’re clear on what you want to gain out of this. More importantly, understanding how to get your audience’s attention can only be done if you know what you want to say and how. It also becomes easier to create a hook that will keep them engaged.

2. Follow the golden rule of the digital age

Which is keep it short and simple. Considering that the ‘skip ad’ feature and scrolling past videos is possible, unlike the good old days when you were forced to watch a TV ad, the shorter the better. Rumour is the attention span of humans have reduced over the years from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. So if not short, at least your video should be powerful enough to capture the interest of your audience. The first five seconds are the most important so make it count.

3. Get creative!

There are so many channels through which you can reach your consumers. Consider all of them until you exhaust all your possibilities. Don’t worry, technology will come up with something new by then. Burger King used Instagram stories to engage their audience. Not only did it go viral but they got more than 270,000 brand interactions without spending a penny. Go live on social media, do Vines and Dubsmashes— whatever is trending! Not only are they short videos, but they’re crowd-pleasers.

4. Words are your friend

Subtitles, statistics, highlights can be introduced in text to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the jumble. By doing so you ensure that your audience remembers the key takeaways. Keep in mind that your text should complement your video and not take away from its purpose.

5. Express to impress

Videos that capture human emotions capture human attention. Instead of simply advertising your brand, find common ground with your audience. Videos that have a message will always have value to the audience.


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