For our third episode of ‘Around the World in 3 Ads’ we’ll be looking at ads from Japan, Pakistan and Germany.

Amazon Prime

This adorable ad featuring a golden retriever keeps popping up despite having been released two years ago. The retriever in this ad is upset that the newest member of the house doesn’t want to play with him. But his owner soon changes that by buying a lion mane for the dog. The little girl who seems to adore her stuffed lion toy warms up to the dog immediately. The ad highlights convenience through speedy delivery. Happiness can sometimes be bought it would seem.

Surf Excel 

Surf Excel has released many such ads featuring children getting their clothes dirty in the process of helping others out. One of the most popular ads was the one released for Ramazan 2016. With the hashtag #madadekibadat the ad featured a young boy in a new and white kurta helping an old man in need. In the process he gets his new kurta dirty but his mother doesn’t chastise him. Surf Excel has built up a portfolio of ads that follow the script ‘stains are good’ as long as you got them while helping someone out.


An old ad that is usually recognized for its humor, could it also be slightly on the offensive side? The ad can be considered effective since it’s about a language education company. It does get the message across, but this sort of humor might not work in the current age.

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