Brand Summit Buzz- Interview with Ajay Dhyani, TIMEX Group

Ajay Dhyani is currently Head of Marketing at TIMEX. He has over 14 years of experience in marketing communication, brand management, product management, consumer trade promotions, channel marketing, digital marketing, strategic planning, etc. He is also one of the speakers we have lined up for the Delhi NCR Brand Summit & Hot Brands 2019.

  1. What is the one factor that took your brand from good to great?

TIMEX is a leading traditional watchmaker that has always worked towards offering our consumers innovative and technologically advanced products built on the basis of feedback and demand. Backed by American legacy and world-class quality, TIMEX has come out with watches that have synced perfectly with consumer demands and trends.

There have been multiple factors that have helped us become what we are today! The successful amplification of our new launches through a 360-degree campaign has contributed greatly towards spreading our message. For example, the TIMEX Automatic range and Timex Command launches. Leveraging the current trends and engaging with relevant influencers on social media platforms has also helped TIMEX by fostering relationships with third-party advocates.

The dynamics of the Indian market is good. Due to the ever-growing target audience, most retailers today are anticipating expansion into Tier 2 and 3 cities. With a strong marketing strategy, we reinforced the American heritage of the brand through a high-impact TV advertising campaigns, supported by digital and social media, PR and local promotions.

  1. What role does technology play in making and keeping a brand hot?

Technology has evolved from simple automation to a more cognitive function that makes think differently. Technology has the potential to influence people’s perception. The effects of technology span much wider than expanding access, speed and productivity. Today, the pace of innovation is greater than ever and brands need to keep up with these changes in order to stay relevant. TIMEX has always leveraged the latest available technology. From launching the fitness trackers- TIMEX Blink with the latest technologies built in, to launching Command watches with shock and water proof technology. TIMEX has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to playing the technology game.

The use of technology is not just limited to our products. We also leverage digital and social platforms to connect with and engage our consumers. This has helped us establish our digital presence and enables the generation of feedback in real-time. Digital presence plays a very crucial role in keeping any brand hot. It helps brands build a stronger connection with their customer, keeping them in the loop on the latest developments.

  1. How has data become the essence of business/marketing?

The competitive nature of businesses in the digital era demands the utilization of data to reach the right audience and know exactly what they expect from your brand. It gives a brand access to more customer related information than ever before. Today, brands are personalizing their marketing strategies and campaigns in a whole new way and as a result, are gaining a fantastic ROI.  Data analysis is crucial as it helps monitor the outcome of any campaign which in turn helps the brand take informed decisions

  1. What are your thoughts on the need for digital transformation?

Every brand and business is subjected to new opportunities, expectations, competition, and threats on a daily basis. Businesses that digitally transform are able to connect closely with the customers, thereby, increasing their chances of success in the long-run.  The adoption of digital transformation across industries is almost epidemic. Why?  Because the benefits, such as new forms of engagement, growth opportunities, innovation in the workforce, and data insights, outweigh the initial investment.

The digital lives of consumers are revolutionizing brand engagement and customer loyalty. Brands across industries and regions are benefiting from digital transformation through the use of mediums such as artificial intelligence, social media, real-time data analytics, cloud data, and mobility. Digital has become the new norm for every industry and the pace of adapting to this change has put businesses across the globe make-or-break situation.



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