Launching the Impact Network – Wish Me Luck!

Landing in Delhi yesterday, Tuhina found a debit card stuck in the ATM. Being good marketers we analysed it – wealth management card so likely to be an executive, and the name looked sort of familiar. Even as we gave the card to the information desk, we ran a search on LinkedIn – and we had a unique match. An InMail later we had connected with the owner who was able to rescue his card.

That is the power of the network, of links that contextually wax and wane in strength.

At Paul Writer we’ve been focused on strategy and B2B omni-channel campaigns that improve the buyer journey and the sales funnel. That world is facing rapid change with longer lead cycles, increasing influence of digital on decision-making, more detailed ROI analysis, and access to ever-expanding sources of information. This is even as marketers are under pressure to create leads and show measurable results of brand campaigns.

B2B marketing is complex and requires a partner ecosystem that understands the domain and have demonstrated results in a scalable manner. Hand-offs have to be clear and ownership defined. There has to be a unifying strategy that aligns sales, marketing and business goals to reduce sales bounce rates. I thought the best way to do this is to bring together a set of specialist firms that I know and trust, with complementary expertise and create a Network that drives Impact.

With no further ado – ta-da! I’d like to unveil the Paul Writer Impact Network – CMO Axis, LeadWalnut, Social Frontier and us, of course. The principals have over a hundred years of relevant experience (now I’m giving away my age! But it’s a good cause.). The overarching goal is to optimise the buyer journey through strategy, content domination, authority marketing and account based marketing. If you’re looking for a B2B Agency that delivers results, we’re it.

Today is the day for big announcements. We’re at the Delhi Brand Summit co-hosted with Adobe and in association with Oracle, Meltwater, Sitecore and The Hindu Business Line and we’re unveiling the list of 50 Hot Brands of Delhi/NCR this evening.

So now you know why you missed your weekly dose of marketing booster yesterday. It was because we wanted you to hear it the same day we announced it. We’ll be back to our regular programming next week. And hey, like Netflix, previous seasons of Marketing Booster, are available below in Previous Issues.

Wish me luck as we expand our canvas. Or better still, let us paint together.


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