The lines have blurred between B2B and B2C marketing, do you agree or disagree?

 Yes, with the advent of social media and the ubiquitous internet connected mobile devices the lines between B2B and B2C marketing are blurring. They used to be very segregated worlds just like the personal IT and corporate IT environments. With the adoption of BYOD policies more and more people are mixing the personal work and corporate work allowing B2B marketers to leverage this new channel too.

What is one trend that will define the future of IT marketing?

 Service providers traditionally have provided IT services and solutions to the customers IT department. The marketing focus used to be on influencing them. A recent growing trend with cloud based solutions and tech savvy business management teams is the Business functions taking a lead role in IT decisions. This trend will continue to grow and will force the IT marketing team to adopt their strategy to this change.

Can you point out one aspect where most IT marketers go wrong or are not paying attention to?

 Marketing teams in IT services companies can take a more proactive role in improving the positioning of the services company with the customers senior leadership team. Usually this is left to the Sales organization and on several occasions the success of this is dependent on the Account Manager. Marketing teams can help provide a consistent positioning with the end customers.


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