What is Architecture of Empathy

I was in a twitter chat recently at #CMO India where I was fortunate to have shared views with some of the leading CMOs from our country. We explored various themes ranging from social listening to customer engagement. In my engagement with enterprises around digital engagement and experience innovation, I have learned two fundamental truths

  1. Each customer has their own unique journey when it comes to engaging with your brand. For most parts they are experiencing your products and services in channels other than those you have set up. For example, car buyers head out to Team BHP and Realty seekers go to 99 acres. So that really changes the equation of customer engagement – how do you engage customers wherever they are?
  2. You can engage customers “when they are ready” and not “when you are eager”

Which is why I submitted that marketers need to create an architecture of empathy.

For me, the magic of empathy happens when

  1. Customers are engaged in moments that matter (to them)
  2. Customers are listened to
  3. Customers feel rewarded

Real Madrid in several ways, exemplifies what I call architecture of empathy

Can you engage me whenever I need and wherever I am? 

Being a Real Madrid fan, I am engaged with the club all the time. I get match-by-match and move-by-move alerts all 90 minutes – even when I am not watching the game which has many times triggered my action to go and watch the live game. And I can experience it with equal ease on my pc and my phone. I don’t need to go to the game, the game comes to me.

In fact one of the key missions of the Real Madrid & Microsoft Digital Engagement Platform is to open the stadium to 450 million fans worldwide using the Microsoft Cloud.

And if I have missed a match, Real Madrid TV allows me to view videos on demand.

Are you listening to me?

Leveraging Microsoft CRM and Social listening, Real Madrid listens what fans are saying and is able to run more relevant campaigns and messaging.

What this means that I get alerts on things that matter to me most (based on my profile, my actions and preferences). No clutter, no overt intrusion just those pleasurable bits that I want.

Is my experience rewarding

Real Madrid is constantly rewarding me for my actions. They make me feel special

And offers me a range of experiences that provide variety and excitement

Are you ready for empathy?

I understand that you may not be a football club, but many of your customers are . They engage with their clubs because of the love of the game as well as their experiences with the club. So at a deep emotional level their psyche is open to relevant experiences that can help them to be

  1. Engaged in moments that matter
  2. Listened to always, and
  3. Rewarded frequently for their actions

Passion gravitates towards passion. If you as a marketer are passionate about your consumers, they will return that favor many times over.

All the best for your next game

 Published with permission from Author.


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