Any 4 apps that you have on your phone and how frequently you use them?

Uber– I am constantly on the move and the Uber app is one app I fall back on. It does not matter if I am in Hong Kong or, Tel Aviv, I just have to use it and moreover I cannot be fooled by the local cabbie. Also, anywhere I go which has a parking problem the app comes to the rescue. The tiresome process of to the cabbie is completely out of the window and it does not even matter if they speak your language- the same is for the drop off. We have started using “Uber” as a verb. One of the biggest reasons that I use the app is for its fairness and transparency and ease of use.

Haptik– This is one of my latest dependencies. Access to information in this format and on demand is simply incredible. There are scores of things during the day that just pop up and I lack the time or energy for them. Haptik allows me to get these things out of the way just with a little chat with an assistant on the other side. It’s quick, hassle free, easy and so convenient. This has become my go to app for all my research related work.

Foodpanda– This is a lifesaver and honestly I think it is a boon to every man/woman who hates entering the kitchen. Their offers are incredible and I think they get food delivered the fastest. Options to choose from are plentiful. Over all it’s a great app and I feel this also opens up a great opportunity for smaller players to market themselves and just focus on what they do best.

Apple Music– Well just cannot do without it. Access to any music on demand is just amazing and as you go on using the app the you get o discover a lot of new stuff that you did not know about.

How do you evaluate an app before downloading it onto your phone?

I usually read reviews and research on the most handy apps for a particular need that I may have. Once I close in on the app that I deem fit, I usually try it out for a couple of days before deciding whether I want to stick to it or not. What I mostly look for in an app is a suite of key functionalities, an intuitive interface. The app should be able to be geo specific and personalized to a certain degree. The push notifications should not be too intrusive and offers should be relevant and timely.

Profile: Saurav Patnaik, a first generation entrepreneur, product evangelist, motivational speaker and business consultant. He is currently helming the affairs as the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Kenscio Digital Marketing.


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