Find out the apps that senior marketers in India are using today and why they like the app!

Any 4 apps that you have on your phone and how frequently you use them?

Twitter: The ability of the app to reach out to millions of people with a single, compelling statement, makes it one of the most engaging social apps. I feel tweets are very often a very real window into a person’s life and thoughts. Another aspect that I find impressive is its inter-connectivity with groups and people. If I want to give my opinion on a brand, group or individual, I can do so by just using their handle or hashtag, so that my tweet can be easily referenced or searched. That way if I feel strongly enough about something others can know what I am talking about specifically and easily. It is a terrific way to inform people on the go, because it is as rapidly changing as what’s on our minds. I also tend to keep up with the news and other current events on Twitter, with instant access to subjects I wish to read about, instead of sieving through content which is otherwise irrelevant to me.

RunKeeper: This app is a personal favourite, especially for an avid runner like me. My training for marathons requires such in-depth analysis of my abilities that Runkeeper is able to provide me. It successfully uses my phone’s GPS to track my running, cycling, hiking and other distance activities. The app records pace, distance, total exercise time, calories burned and other useful metrics, while also allowing you to take and tag pictures on the go. I can measure my progress and workout history, as well as sync with numerous other apps and services and receive detailed reports of my tracked activity. I favour RunKeeper chiefly because it allows me to connect with other runners who are also utilizing this app, enabling us to form a community of our own and the app also allows me to set goals. Both these features go a long way in motivating me and push myself to new achieve new challenges.

Saavn: There are many music streaming apps available now, but for me Saavn stands out for its exhaustive Indian music list and strong social quotient. The UI of the app is clean, making it quite easy to navigate. The app also lets you follow artistes and this means you get to know when a new title has been added in the name of an artist. The integration of Radio is also rather helpful and I can make playlists based on my moods. I feel like I am carrying my personal jukebox everywhere I go.

Uber: This has become one of the must-haves for practically every person living in a metropolis. I find the app extremely easy to use and also very informative. The GPS-bound system makes the entire process hassle-free – right from finding the nearest car to its arrival at your precise location. We even get the driver’s name and car information via the app, giving us the option of either messaging or calling him/her, if needed. The cashless payment via Paytm or credit card just adds to the service. Additionally, there is always some offer going on where I have saved a lot of money by booking an Uber cab instead of other cabs. The point-to-point convenience and the option to choose the car of your choice have revolutionized the way we perceive travelling in the city.

Facebook and Whatsapp are pretty much default apps that everyone uses, so I didn’t want to add them to the list.

An app that you find useful?


How do you evaluate an app before downloading it onto your phone?

It is quite subjective. Sometimes it is based on reviews and sometimes through reference. Reviews give you a good idea about the apps’ pros and cons and reference gives you a certification that you might otherwise not get. Many times, you may have a particular need and that drives you to search for a particular category, and then you end up choosing an app that is the closest fit to your requirements. I like apps which seamlessly integrate with social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Profile: Sanjay Tripathy is Senior Executive Vice President, Head Marketing, Product, Analytics, Digital & E-Commerce at HDFC Life. He is an industry leader with 23 years of expertise in managing large businesses and setting up successful e-commerce, direct to customers, franchise and other traditional verticals. Turning around loss-making ventures/brands and changing businesses/brands on their head.


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