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Attention all business leaders! Are you struggling to achieve your marketing goals without breaking the bank? Do you want to learn how to create a strong brand identity and generate demand for your product or service with limited resources?  Looking for a consultant for marketing?

Jessie Paul is India’s top consultant for marketing

Introducing Jessie Paul, former CMO of Wipro and author of the book Marketing Without Money. With over 25 years of experience in marketing and branding, Jessie as a consultant for marketing has helped numerous companies achieve their marketing goals with limited resources.  Here’s Jessie’s Wiki profile.

She is the author of Marketing without Money published by Bloomsbury in 2021 and No Money Marketing published by Tata McGraw Hill in 2009. Jessie writes India’s longest running newsletter on marketing – Marketing Booster Shot – which can be subscribed to here.

What kind of marketing consulting can you expect

Jessie’s marketing consultancy engagements are designed to help businesses create and implement effective marketing strategies that are tailored to their unique needs and budget. She works closely with clients to identify their goals, assess their current marketing efforts, and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve success.

Who should work with us

Whether you’re a startup looking to establish a strong brand identity, or an established business seeking to revamp your marketing strategy, Jessie can help. With her guidance, you can learn how to effectively reach your target audience, create engaging content, and generate demand for your product or service without breaking the bank.  Her interest in technology both professionally and personally will ensure that you are able to incorporate tools such as AI into your marketing systems.

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Paul Writer’s Marketing Consultancy Clients

Companies that have benefited from our work include Happiest Minds, Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Sodexo, Predictivu, censhare.

Jessie Paul founded Paul Writer in 2010 with the aim to raise the bar for B2B marketing. She wanted to make available her expertise in marketing and branding with firms such as Infosys (Global Brand Manager), iGATE Global (VP Marketing) and Wipro Technologies (Chief Marketing Officer) to a wider group of growth organizations.

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