Why Mobile Marketing is Important

Did you know that by 2023, there will be 4.3 billion smartphone users worldwide?

As technology continues to advance, human beings are becoming more and more reliant on it. With social media, streaming services, gaming apps, and the internet right at your fingertips, it’s safe to say that smartphones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. And as a business owner, this is your time to shine.

In 2020, businesses in the United States spent 18.5 percent of their marketing budget on mobile marketing, and by 2022, it is projected to reach 23.3 percent. With the world shifting to a more mobile-friendly, tech-centered plane, it’s more paramount than ever to utilize mobile marketing tactics to grow your business. 

Why is mobile marketing so important?

Why is mobile marketing so important

Out of the billions of smartphone users in the world, 300 million are in the United States alone. So, when it comes to marketing your business, the mobile market is thriving. With the number of mobile users rising by the day, mobile marketing will only continue to grow in importance. 

Sources such as social media apps are dominating the mobile market. In fact, in 2020, Instagram was the most frequently accessed platform in the U.S. By 2023, it is projected to have over 120 million active users, more than a third of smartphone users in the United States. Similarly, when it comes to mobile apps, 78 percent of B2B eCommerce sites think mobile apps are the future. Print marketing is over, and mobile marketing is here for the long-haul. 

There are many modes of mobile marketing in the digital age. Between websites, social media, video and audio production, and text messages, there are so many places to apply mobile marketing tactics. And because mobile marketing is always on the rise, it’s essential to find the method that’s perfect for you to ensure success. Always remember: what may work for one business, may not work for yours. So, be sure to try out different methods of marketing to discover the perfect fit.

What are some of the best strategies to use?

What are some of the best strategies to use

There is no right or wrong way to market your business. However, there is definitely a difference between strategies that are effective and those that are not. There’s no “one size fits all” marketing method: strategies can be deemed efficient depending on your budget, demographic, or skill level.

Social media

Social media

As one of the easiest mobile marketing tactics to execute, social media is utilized by many businesses in the modern age. And if you aren’t social media savvy, there are third-party experts you can hire to manage your social media channels. While we’ve already gone over the numeral impact that social media has on the mobile market, now it’s time to talk about taking advantage of it.

Social media is a great way to get creative with marketing. With TikTok as the number one most downloaded app in 2020, there’s a unique avenue to explore mobile marketing. For those in the fashion, retail, lifestyle, and entertainment industries, creating original content is a great way to draw attention and drive traffic to your business. However, this isn’t to say that social media isn’t for everyone. Between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, special media is an essential tool when it comes to creating an engaged consumer base. 

Whether it’s posting a mission statement about your business on Instagram, creating a promotional video on TikTok, or sending a message to your Facebook followers about your current hours, social media is an effective and powerful tool in the mobile marketing world.



Crafting a website is essential for the growth of your business. And, like social media, is a valuable and manageable mobile marketing tool. When it comes to a business within the eCommerce realm, website marketing is extremely important. After all, 60 percent of online retail website visits are accessed from mobile devices.  With the ability to shop from a smartphone, it’s crucial to cater to a mobile marketing approach.

Websites can be constructed through a provider, designed by yourself, or programmed by a third party. Regardless, creating a website will establish you and your business in the digital space. Whether you’re writing blog posts, opening up an eCommerce shop, or promoting your goods and services, a website is easy to access for mobile users.

Text messaging

Text messaging

Be honest, when was the last time you didn’t check your phone for a new text? And with billions of people with smartphones, you’ve got quite the market in the palm of your hand: over half of consumers agree that texts are the most effective way a business can reach them. Text message marketing is a great way to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.

Through sending message blasts regarding promotions, discounts, or any other type of announcement, audiences will have first-hand access to your business. You can even include links to your website or social media to further market yourself in the digital scape. It’s easy, low maintenance, and a surefire way to keep audiences invested in your business.


Email marketing

One of the most classic options, emails are a reliable way to market your business. In fact, mobile-friendly marketing emails are the second most-used tactic businesses use to improve their performance. Smartphones typically have an email application, making it the perfect way to market your business.

Much like text messaging, emails can be used to announce a plethora of things: discounts, rewards, exclusive offers, or even special promotions. However, email is more widely used by people of all generations and technological abilities. In 2020, the most popular way to read emails was on a mobile device. Whenever you send an email regarding promotional material (or linking back to your website or eCommerce site), it is more likely to be accessed on a mobile device, which is a huge win when it comes to mobile marketing.


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