Five Love Languages
Episode 1 - Love Languages - Marketing Booster Podcast

What’s your love language?  

No worries, this is a family publication, nothing naughty about it. In fact the concept came from a priest who was having trouble adjusting to his wife. Because, as he says, their language of love was not a match. Before we get to how this connects to your business, let me first tell you what the five love languages are:
  1. Words of affirmation: This is saying “good job”, “I appreciate you” and so on
  2. Gifts: Pretty easy to understand – where’s that goody bag?
  3. Quality time: Doing something together 
  4. Acts of service: a favour or doing something for someone else
  5. Physical touch: hugging, handshake etc

Which love language is your favourite?

Mine were 3 and 4. It’s useful know which ones are yours and also that of your favourite people because otherwise it’s like speaking Tagalog to a person who only understands Telugu! Don’t know which is your style? There’s a quiz you can take! Most of us operate on maybe one or two languages. If I’m a gift person and you keeping giving me words of praise, there is a problem with both of us feeling unappreciated. Or if you crave physical touch and all you get are gifts, you remain unhappy.

The love language of customers

What works for the family generally can be extended to our customers too!

My daughter always takes her own fluffy blanket and comfy socks for flights. Because airline blankets are not soft and cozy. She craves the kids’ gifts on the flight because well, it is a “free gift”! Personally I don’t notice the scratchy blanket or useless socks, but I do care that if they promise you a cup of tea they remember to give it “acts of service”.

Different love languages are spoken by different customers

As a result, customers have different priorities and expectations from an experience. What are examples of this insight?
  • A pillow bar, spa menu, or aromatherapy diffuser may do nothing for one person but be a major upside for a person who likes physical experiences.
  • A free sample in a beauty store is wasted upon a customer who is craving a dedicated sales person to walk them through the product application.
  • – A car marketer might benefit from offering weekend fun drives to families against a discounted service to others

Emotion in marketing

When people ask me for book recommendations for marketing, I tend to go with consumer psychology books. Because that’s super essential and it is a science that is ever evolving. Plus technology now makes it practical to apply these learnings. Recent research from Oracle shows that customers are more likely to buy from brands that use humour, but that CEOs are scared to do so. This made for an interesting conversation with Madhukar – it is first in a new series of podcasts I am working on!

Billie Eilish’ s Love Language

I was a bit surprised at Billie sincerely telling the audience that she loved them and appreciated them. I was cynically thinking of how much I paid for the ticket to hear her say that! But a large part of the audience was lapping these “words of affirmation”. Clear evidence that she’s a master marketer. You do find them in the most unexpected places!

Oh and she is totally not afraid to use humour!

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to those who celebrate it and a happy weekend to others.

I really do appreciate your reading this newsletter, and would sincerely love words of affirmation 🙂


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