Quiz: Top marketing strategy frameworks

What is a marketing strategy framework?

A marketing strategy framework is a rubric or structured approach to solving a business problem.  Many are tried and tested methods to achieve your goals.  A marketing strategy framework can also be a process to follow to support a business objective.  They become handy shortcuts to solve any problem.  The more of these you have in your toolbox, the faster you can diagnose a pain-point and importantly, recommend the right marketing strategy. 

How well do you know your marketing models

As a follow up to our quiz on ‘Do You Know Your Marketing Models’ (which, if you missed, you can take NOW) here is a little more trivia on marketing strategy frameworks and their evolution and history. Take the quiz to jog your memory and revisit these time tested marketing strategy frameworks that are great to use. Do note that the frameworks and models considered in this quiz are the ones most focussed on consumer perspectives over organisational concerns in Marketing and are based on theories of Behavioural Architects.

Are you familiar with DAGMAR, AIDA, ACCA and the others? You should be!


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