9 Steps to get through AIDA in a week

True Story

Target audience – Luxury property buyers

Brand – yet to be established real estate company in that city

Platform – FB ads

The result – 350 “AIDA qualified” leads in one week

The actual result – 90 Sales

Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action (AIDA) is a classical marketing template of the buyer’s journey. Traditionally each phase has a different set of marketing tools and leads to the eventual purchase in a funnel shape. But what if you don’t have the time or money to run a classical campaign? What if you need result now? Is it possible to crunch the cycle down to a week?

Here’s how it was done for a real estate firm in just 9 steps.

Awareness stage

1 – Created a video about the brand. The video talked about the brand’s core value, commitments, founders, philosophy, about the new property coming up

2 – Advertised this to about 200,000 people based on age, family status, job title, mobile phone and Browser (we chose Safari browser only to target Apple users) Ad objective was to get video views

Interest stage

3 – Created a custom audience ( A1) of people who watch more than 50% of the video

4 – Advertised a second Short video Ad (about the property &Amenities) to A1. Ad objective was maximum video view5 – Created a custom audience (A2) of people who watch more than 90% of the video (90% to qualify for “interest”)

Desire stage

6 – Created an Ad to make A2 click and go to the website. Ad objective – website visits

7 – (By now I am sure you get the process) – Created a custom audience ( A3) of people who clicked on the Ad and went to the website and clicked on “Know More” button (to qualify for desire)

Action Stage

8 – Create an Facebook lead Ad to get A3 to fill up a lead form

9 – Shared this list of A4 to the sales team


Initial funnel – 200,000

Week 1 numbers

Awareness, A1 – 30,000
Interest, A2 – 18,000
Desire, A3 – 1,500
Action, A4 – 350
Sales from Week 1’s A4 – 90 (not in the first week, obviously)

So the idea is to link prospects’ actions to various stages in the AIDA framework and as soon as someone completes a stage, move them to the next stage.

This can be done by many tools:

  • messenger messages
  • chatbots on site
  • leadmagnets
  • webinar attendees, and many other ways

The key is to design your Ad + Action flow and keep the funnel running

This can cut down the cycle to a few days.

The same process can be applied to any industry.


  1. What was the marketing budget for this? Does AIDA formula works for all products. If I want to sell directly through social media, is it possible? And also I am still figuring out how best to choose a target audience.


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