I spent the last weekend thinking about what makes brands awesome. Why do SOME brands also catch the attention of customers across the world? What makes them so special that everyone wants to buy them at ALL costs?

Awesome brands have a way of leaving a psychological impact on consumers. They do something to your mind when they talk to you. You cannot ignore their presence no matter where you see them. and that feeling stays with you. They just seem to be at the right places and telling you what YOU WANT TO HEAR.

Awesome brands set trends. They are first to do a lot of things that are INTERESTING for people. Thety don’t sit around for others to show them a path. They find new consumers, new needs and new ways of serving their consumers

Awesome brands are RUTHLESSLY consistent. They have strong messages because they repeat their messages repeatedly, not matter what the medium is. There is no ambiguity in what they have to say. There is just ONE clear message.

Published with permission from Author.

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Sunder Madakshira

Sunder Madakshira is Head of Marketing at EdgeVerve. He has been in various leadership roles in Sales and Marketing positions in companies such as SAP, Infosys, WIPRO, HUL and Visa before current job at SAP for 19 years. Recognized as “The Marketing Thought Leader of the Year” by The Stars of the Industry Awards by the ABP Group on 14th February 2014 in Mumbai.

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