Women in ads are usually doing either of two things: cleaning something, or looking beautiful. If they’re not the protagonists of the ad, they’re often seen fawning over the male hero as he sprays himself with deodorant.

However, over the last few years, there have been many ads portraying women in roles that break stereotypes. Read our article on 9 ads that break gender stereotypes to see a few.

Last year, Lifestyle introduced their #ImperfectlyPerfect ginger girl. While the narrative was bold, it didn’t seem to have hit the mark, with people remarking that although the narrative talks about how all bodies are beautiful, the visuals portray only one type. Their recent ad, however, seems to have taken this feedback into consideration.

‘Are you really going to wear that?’

The world can often be seen bombarding women on how they should look and how they shouldn’t, how they should dress and how they shouldn’t, how they should behave and how they shouldn’t.

Lifestyle’s ad, therefore, has been received as refreshing in its take as it doesn’t conform, just like the women featured. The ad addresses the typecasting of styles for different body types by portraying women breaking those stereotypes.


‘Bright colors? You’re too dark for that’. ‘Skinny jeans are for skinny girls’. ‘You’re too tall for heels’. Teamed with edgy music, the women in the ad are seen dressing just the way they’re asked not to. ‘I don’t dress for your labels, or your eyes, or your stereotypes’ the women say.

While the message is strong and relevant, especially in light of the #MeToo movement, is it too over the top? The narrative is bold and written well but combined with the music, the editing, echoing of statements, and being 108 seconds long, the question is: does it work well as an ad?

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