SBI and Trend Micro collaborated to ensure the bank’s IT infrastructure is protected from ongoing cyber-attacks, ensuring a secure banking experience for SBI customers. Since deploying its suite of powerful solutions from Trend Micro, SBI has achieved optimal IT security across nearly 2.75L endpoints, with 99% update ratio and minimal process downtime. Main benefits include:

Improved operational security. SBI gained visibility into potential security threats. Early threat detection helped the bank completely eradicate threats. Improved endpoint protection levels ensured high levels of regulatory compliance.

Lower security risks and costs. Trend MicroTM Deep SecurityTM provided SBI with host-based security capabilities such as “virtual patching,” which shields vulnerabilities in critical systems until an actual patch is available and deployed. SBI lowered costs, without the need for emergency patching and frequent patch cycles that caused system downtime, while also reducing risk from expensive breach disclosures.

Operational efficiency. SBI increased antivirus pattern update ratios to 99%, and rapidly detected and prevented threats. Further, increased data security enabled the bank to mitigate future expense risks related to heterogeneous protection systems support. Plus, simplified policy enforcement increased the performance on virtualized servers.

Ease of security management. Simplified and centralized management helped speed and mitigate incident responses. Management of the IT environment became more efficient through a centralized management solution, which provided a single, integrated interface. The interface manages, monitors, and reports across multiple layers of security.

To read the full case study click here.


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