Rock PR like Aishwarya + PR 101 virtual class

Aishwarya declined a Will Smith movie because she wanted to be at home with her ailing grand-mother-in-law. When I spotted this story I was like how would she go to the US to shoot right now? But a little more detailed reading (yes, I went down the rabbit hole in pursuit of this exciting story) told me that this was a rehash of  content dating from 2008 that the folks from Hindustan Times were “updating”. But here’s the thing. Because it is Aishwarya, and because her brand of ‘putting family first’ has been so firmly established, she gets publicity even when it’s about declining movies a decade ago.

And what about Kanye West – he’s raking in the publicity for saying he’s running for President. He says it will be just like Wakanda when he wins. It’s catchy, easy to remember, and has required almost no effort so far.

Would you like to have this kind of reach? Credibility? For most of us the only way to get there is to invest time – and possibly money – in a PR campaign. This was a popular discussion in a WhatsApp group for IIM Calcutta entrepreneurs, and the outcome was this 30 minute video on the what, why, when and how of PR.

As a publisher, I love research that brings up insights. I found this consumer survey by Market Xcel of 3000+ Indians interesting in terms of changes in their habits and their fears and concerns.

You can’t do PR without great content so this week we’re featuring our guest author Shonali Advani who can tell you how to set up your content team.

It was only after I graduated and started working on live projects that I realised the usefulness of marketing models and templates. There aren’t too many of them – so we picked 10 of the most popular ones for our quiz. Learning all of them is like a crash course MBA. So what’s your score?

This morning I did a session with a group at IBM on ‘Discovering Your Inner Brand Blueprint”. That’s a topic I’m going to cover next week – so do make sure to look out for it.

How to build a content team that rocks
No company is too small to house a content team. All it needs is a bunch of passionate folk committed to create and deliver on time, every time. Here are 5 Tips to build your content team by Shonali Advani, a trained journalist with 16 years of experience in news, content and communications.

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Introducing the Red Book of PR. It’s hard to pick the agency that is best for you. Because your success depends a lot on the team, their domain expertise and fit. As an agency it is not easy to stand out for the capabilities you have. So we’re building a comprehensive view of What PR Agencies can do for client, and what clients want from PR Agencies.
PR Agency Survey
PR Client Survey

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PR 101: How to get value from PR
Jessie Paul’s 30 minute explainer video on PR 101

Quiz: the 10 Minute MBA
The right templates can help you get the insights you need, fast. How many of these models can you recognise? Take this minute quiz. It’s the fastest way to learn about all these models without actually having to read a book 🙂

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