I imposed black; it still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around ― Coco Chanel

It’s a universally known truth that black works for any situation from formal to informal to parties. It’s become a go-to color, making it the easy and clever choice. Raymond recently advertised their All Black Collection in what can be said to be an innovative perspective. Featuring Jugpreet Bajwa, a visually-impaired singer, the narration of Raymond takes a turn from what one would expect from an iconic clothing brand. The piece focuses on what makes black such a fashion statement. ‘Flawless, like a night that roars with elegance.’ ‘Fluid, like the drape that takes your shape as you conquer every cityscape.’  These particular lines fit Raymond’s brand image of being a sophisticated brand, especially considering they are known for their ad campaign ‘The Complete Man’ and their famous tagline ‘Feels like heaven. Feels like Raymond.’

While ads like these appear fresh in their angle and attitude, does the product still remain the focus point?

The TVC which is about 80-85 seconds employs slam poetry, a form of poetry where original work is recited, that describes black through quite possibly a never before seen lens. The description too, is unexpected, giving black a new edge, a new shade of importance. It is only towards the end of the ad we realize that the speaker is visually impaired adding to impact of the ad.

Paul Writer’s Take

The ad has received commendation from most of its viewers for being different and creative in its approach. While the narration is definitely powerful, how much does it truly connect with Raymond as a fashion brand? Considering that Raymond’s tagline #ItAllBeginsWithBlack comes into the picture quite late, does the TVC actually advertise the product effectively?

Moreover, by trying to appeal to the sentiments and intellectual prowess of the audience, have ads been losing sight of their purpose? While ads like these appear fresh in their angle and attitude, does the product still remain the focus point?

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