Sharmila Ganguly
SPENTA Consultants Pvt Ltd

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A female entrepreneur you admire and why?

Zhou Qunfei who is the world’s richest self made woman. She grew up in poverty, worked in a factory where she mastered her product. At the age of 22 started her company Lens Technology in 1993 with a mere USD 3000. Today her company is valued at USD 8 Billion. Her uniqueness is that she combines innovation and enterprise as she retains her position at the company’s chief designer.

Mantra for success is?

Be connected to the market and customer and constantly innovate to keep your edge.

Being your own boss is to you? 

Being in control of my own destiny.

Profile: In an era when entrepreneurship wasn’t very fashionable Sharmila quit her job in an International bank to found SPENTA Consultants Pvt Ltd in 1995 along with a colleague. The company handles Executive Search and Management consulting assignments in India and overseas.

Sharmila is a MBA from XLRI (1988) and a BSc Economics Hons from Presidency College Kolkata. She has worked in Citibank , HSBC and BNP Paribas before diving into entrepreneurship. She loves the cutting edge required to constantly innovate to succeed in an ever changing market place.


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